Stainless Steel 'Tree of Life' Diffusers, with chain.


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Stainless Steel Jewelry:


More people choose Stainless Steel jewelry.

You will find it's not tarnish andoxidize, What`s more important, they are all hypoallergenic. 

For both women and men, It`s a good accessory choice. 


Stainless steel Jewelry use very strong metal, it does not oxidize and will bevery durable, It`s high resistance to rust, corrosion and tarnishing, It is able to endure lots of times wear and even a lot of sweat.


This vintage-inspired locket is a great way to wear your essential oil or perfume throughout the day. Essential oil diffuser necklace (without any oil or perfume in it). Free Colorful felt pads !

Usually pack pads color at random.

High quality oils can be purchased at Sherrys Oils.

 Aromatherapy Lockets - Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - Diffuser Perfume Locket

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